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Simien Mountains Trekking and Tours

Simien Mountains  15-17 Days trek


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Simien Mountains – 15-17 Days Trek

We protect the local environment and offer our clients tips ontaking a non invasive approach, always removing all signs of ourpresence and respecting the environment with its vegetation andwildlife. Travellers may keep a record of animal and bird sightingsfor ongoing listing to be published on the website for othertravellers – making a positive contribution to the conservation ofthe wildlife in the locality.This tour involves the employment of guards, cooks, guides andother locals who will accompany you throughout your trip. Youwill get to know them very well, living and walking side by sideand it will be a unique opportunity to learn about the culture indepth. By employing this group of locals to help you, you arecontributing to their income the importance of which cannot be
Awash National Park
Lake afrera
Lake afrera

Day 1

Gondar to Sankaber:

You will depart early morning from Gondar to Debark. In debark you will arrange your visit with the park office and receive a scout and guide then drive into the park to arrive at Sankaber. You can either drive all the way in to Sankaber or have the car drop you off near Buyit Ras for a short hike. If you choose to hike in you will take in beautiful views of the landscape and the endless mountain ridges, and you likely see some gelada baboons. When you arrive in Sankaber you will be met with your supplies. Sankaber will be the first campsite on your trip.

Day 2

Sankaber to Geech Camp

Gelada Baboons
From Sankaber you will begin hiking following the ridge and look out over the foothills 800m down. From the ridge you will descend down into the valley and be able to view the Jinbar River plunging into the Geech Abyss. After some time at the waterfall you will continue on to Geech village where you will find your second campsite. 

Day 3

Geech to Imet Gogo to Siha Gorge to Keda Dit to Geech:

Imet gogo
After breakfast at geech campsite you will hike through the grass plateau that are home to the, appropriately titled, Giant Lobelia plants. After about 2 hours you will reach Imet Gogo which is an amazing 360 degree view of the Simien Mountains. Here you will have reached an altitude of 3,926m and be able to look out at the amazing landscape from 360 degrees. At this height and view point you can see the canyon below, distant ridges, and view the seemingly never ending valleys. From here you will return to Geech, but first you will pass through Siha Gorge for a lunch break. When you arrive back at Geech you will have time to relax from the hike. Before nightfall you will have the option of taking a short sunset hike to Keda Dit. You will spend the night back at Geech. 

Day 4

Geech to Innatye to Chennek

After breakfast at Geech you start your 7 hour hike to one of the most spectacular passing in the mountains. From the campsite you will walk SE towards Innatye where you will descend into a forest of Giant Hazel and through the ridgelines open grasslands. After climbing up to Innatye to view the vertical drop you will see why locals named it to mean “mama mia”. Here you will have lunch and continue on towards Chennek where you will be able to view the wildlife like, Walia Ibex and Gelada baboons, and plant life. Chennek will be your campsite for the night.

Day 5

Chenneck to Ambiko:

Ras Dashen mountain
After breakfast you will hike for 2 hours and summit the Buwahit pass (4,200m). From here you can look out towards your hike for tomorrow, Ras Dashen. You will follow the path down towards Meseha valley and cross a river and back up again towards Ambiko where you will camp for the night. 

Day 6


Simien 8 days trek
Starting early, you will continue up the valley to thevillage of Mizma, after which you will have a steep ascent toa ridgecrestoverlooking a large valley. The path then followsalong the sideofthe valley, straight at Ras Dashen. You willeventually reach apointwhere you will see three distinctbuttresses. The buttress onthe leftis the summit of RasDashen. A pile of rocks at the top ofthe buttressmarks thesummit. After your successful arrival at the highest pointin Ethiopia, then continue to Dilibiza (3400m) total trekking time 8-9 hours.

Day 7

Dilibiza – Fogayes

Incya river

After an erealy  breakfast, depart From Dilibiza to Fogayes. This area is an outstanding place to view birds, particularly raptors. Manyinteresting species can be seen here, among which arethe tawny eagle, lammergeyer and augur buzzard. Here you have a rewarding view of the highest Mount Ras Dashen and the surrounding escarpment andmountains. After a brief rest and lunch in this majesticspot, begin your 2-3 hour descent to the camp.

 total trekking time 6-7 hours 

Day 8

Fogeyes – Shfiru

Mount Bwahit
Today descends into the lowlands as passing several of the beautiful spots which we had seen from above on the trek yesterday.and One of the most scenic and spectacular trails in thepark, this route takes you to a viewpoint that rewardsyou with views of the remarkable shape of thelandscape and canyon which are the result ofgeological upheaval between 60 – 70 million years ago.
Overnight  Camp. 
Total trekking time 7-8 hours

Day 9

Trek from Shifru

Incya river
 Mender Cherkos :(1,78300m): 6- 7 hoursThe day begins with a downhill walk to the Meshihu River(one of the tributaries of the Tekeze River that drainstowards Sudan, and joins the Deli River .) Locatedat 1,775m, the river is surrounded by big fig trees. Thedescent is approximately 1,000m and takes 3 – 4 hours.After you reach the river, you continue on flat groundfor about 2-3  hours. The trail offers splendid views of theriverine forest. The trail then winds its way into thelowland where visitors will experience the enormous,lowland flora that is now rare in Ethiopia.  Overnight Camping.

Day 10

Mender Cherkos – Tekzeye 

Mount Bwahit
After an early breakfast, trek Through The beautiful and spectacular landscape along the Semien Mountains and Meshihu Gorge.and after having lunch, You will follow the path down towards Tekeza valley and cross the Tekeza river and back up again towards Tekezy where you will camp for the night.  

Day 11

Tekeze – Tiska 

Mount Bwahit
After Breakfast , continue to Tiska. The 7 hours trek will take you through rural villages, offering wonderful insight into the Ageew culture. Overnight Camping 

Day 12

Tiska – Sireal 

Mount Bwahit
In the morning, continue to Sireal ,overlooking the camp from where you just came.and  the most beautiful views over the lowlands and the escarpment. This is also a good place for spotting lammergeiers.Overnight camping in Sireal Total trekking time: 7 – 9 hours

Day 13

Sireal – Sekota 

Mount Bwahit
Trek from Sireal – Sekota: 
 The shortest trek on the entire trip, takes you for 6 hours of a gentle stroll downhill to Sekota. The scenery and the valley of the lowland villages areattractive. Here, you can either take publictransportation or arrange for a car to meet you.
Overnight  Camping ( hotel ) 

Day 14

Sekota – As ketema 

Mount Bwahit
On this day, you trek through the Beautiful and the finale view of your trip.

Day 15

As ketema – Saba 

Mount Bwahit
After an early breakfast,  depart from As Ketema to Saba, on the way you will visit the market activitie of Ageew ppeople’s. 

Day 16

Saba – Bilbela 

Mount Bwahit
After an early breakfast, depart from Saba to Bilibela .Here you’ll have spectacular views over thelowland. Overnight Camping
Total ttrekking 7-8 hours 

Day 17

Bilbela – Lalibela 

Mount Bwahit
Today you will  drive / trek to to Lalibela. Here you will pass through several small villages, with typicals and stone homes of the Ageew people as well as through this rura larea for the stunning approach to the home of Ethiopia’s mostprized destination – Lalibela. Overnight in Lalibela Camping (hotel)

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Inclusions & Exclusions

Price includes

Transportation to and from Gonder


Camping equipment including 4 season Tent, Sleeping bag, Mattresses, Private Shower, toilet and dining tent


Complete cooking materials including table and chairs on the mountain trek


Fees for entrances


Local guide


Compulsory Scout for activities mentioned in the itinerary


Meal plan full border including bottled mineralwater


Professional Chef


Mule(s) and mule handler


Camping fire every single nights


All government taxes for the services included in the tour price.

price excludes

alcoholic drinks


domestic flight


fees for photos & video,


other personal expenses